Clash Of Forces A


It’s EPIC FRIDAY again! Today’s track is Clash of Forces from KPM Dramatic Cinema:

and the whole album’s on iTunes too.

It’s in two parts and might bring out the super-hero in you.

Have a brilliant day!



Journey Through Shadows


As I was skiving off during Epic Friday this week, here’s Epic Sunday instead. Perfect for the Olympics as well. It’s another track from:

and it’s called Journey Through Shadows. Try walking down the street with it playing through your headphones, and see how awesome you feel!

Cheers, Michael

This track makes everything you’re doing at the moment so much better :D

1. Breaking the Horizon
Michael Price


Today’s track is another one from the new piano EP, The Hope of Better Weather, although in London certainly, this is about as good as it’s ever been!

To hear the whole EP and download in really great quality (only $3) go to:

and you can read a bit more about the album on the blog here:

Have a great day. M

1m07 - End Titles
Michael Price


Just heard that the Swan Song mini-soundtrack, for a short film I scored a few years back, has just come out on iTunes.

So today’s track is the End Titles (which you may have heard before), but is a string cue I’m quite fond of. We recorded it with 17 strings in Abbey Rd Studio 1, and didn’t use a click track for it, which really helps it breathe. Then my good friend Kyle Portbury, the director, retimed the end roller to fit the music.

If only it was always like that!

Have a lovely day if you have the sun where you are. (And also if you don’t!)  M

Times For A Saviour


It’s EPIC FRIDAY! Another track from the EMI album Dramatic Cinema, co-written with Laurence Greed, Times for a Saviour.

With synths and huge orchestra, this has been used in various places, including the end of this trailer:

Hope you have an Epic weekend. Cheers, M

4m44 - Venom
Michael Price


Today’s track is a cue from the funnest action score you’ve never heard. Agent Crush. Theme by David Arnold, score by me. The film’s not been released yet, which is a real shame as we threw everything musically we had at it! It’s like a bond score after too much coffee. With puppets.

Check out the trailer here, and, one day, Agent Crush may emerge …

Michael Price - Wild Child themes
Michael Price


Good morning!

Track for today is a little edit of some of the main themes from Wild Child, a lovely teen film starring Emma Roberts I scored a few years ago. It was a real pleasure to work with the director Nick Moore, who made Horrid Henry the Movie last year too, as we’d been music editor and film editor on Love Actually together. He’s a great guy.

This suite of themes includes the opening ‘Mum’s theme’, a sequence called Pranks, then the big finish. There was a bigger budget on this one, so everything’s done for real in Abbey Road with a decent sized orchestra. Recorded and mixed by the amazing Andrew Dudman.

There’s more info here:

This Is My Story (A)
Michael Price (PRS), Laurence Love Greed (PRS)



Saturday’s track is another library tune. It’s scored for piano, flute and small strings, and comes from this album here:

We recorded the players at Phoenix studios in Pinewood again, with Andy Findon on flutes, Nicholas Ward on violin and Dave Daniels on cello.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

In Pursuit Of Immortality


Friday’s track is from an EMI album of music for TV and film trailers. Co-written with Rael Jones, you can hear it in this trailer:

and find out more about the whole album here:


WOAH! O_____O

That track! It’s great, it’s wonderful… it’s EPIC.
Yeah, that’s the right word for it.