I’m going to start this: FRANKENSTEIN TO BE A DVD


I went and saw Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein, run by the National Theatre Live. Those who have been following the feedback are aware of how immaculate it is. 

The greatest tragedy in all of this is that I will not be able to see it again. 

I do not mean that I cannot afford to see it or, due to location, cannot get myself to see it. I know of two places in Canada I could go, if I really wanted to.

I mean once June is over, I will never see it again.

This is, as I said, the greatest tragedy.

National Theatre Live has said that they have no plans to release a DVD of it. However, they had enough encouragement to run in an encore presentation. I wonder, with enough support, if they could also be convinced to produce a DVD of the performances. Yes, obviously, both performances.

So here is what I’m doing. 

I am about to email feedback@nationaltheatrelive.org.uk this message:

To Whom it May Concern:

Two weeks ago I went and saw the production of Frankenstein at my closest venue (Ann Arbor, Michigan to be precise). Needless to say, it was spectacular. It was an absolute masterpiece. I could honestly go on and on about it, whether regarding the stage, the lights, the score, the props, the costumes, the set, and of course the acting. However, that’s not the point of this email.

I know statements have been released saying that a DVD version was not in the plans. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage such an idea. In truth, I believe all of the performances put on by NTL should be filmed and set to DVD, but this one in particular is a definite project that needs undertaking. Clearly, it was wildly popular. Blog sites have been bursting about it and people have been driving long distances to see it. A consistently repeated topic is the absolute desire to see Frankenstein again (or see the reverse performance).

While I am aware that this is a long shot, I truly believe that making it into a DVD would not only profit NTL, but would also help advertise the extraordinary theatre that is taking place there. It could easily give sales a boost in America, as more people discover its existence. I also wholeheartedly believe that the production of Frankenstein would be the performance to try this out with.

I can personally guarantee that there are many, many consumers that are confirmed to purchase, were this  performance specifically brought to DVD.

If there is any way to make this happen, I implore to whomever is in charge to do this. Whatever needs to be done, it would be entirely outstanding for Frankenstein to become National Theatre Live’s first DVD experiment. I have no doubt that it would be nothing but beneficial to all of those involved. Please, if at all possible, put this for serious consideration.

Thank you for time,


you obviously don’t have to use the email above, but I encourage you guys to try this with me. I am tagging this RIDICULOUSLY to signal boost the living crap out of it, including tagging some of the more popular Benedict Cumberbatch blogs (cause, let’s be honest, we all went and saw it for him in the beginning). 



ps if I tag you, it is because I respect you. Please don’t be offended! I just probably love your blog and really want this to happen and you’re totally awesome ok bye :)

pps yes my tags are shameless. Sorry, but I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.

ppps. I’m tagging Tom Hiddleston now. JUST BECAUSE. He has an army.