Just one last trick - Page 01


Just one last trick - Page 01

It’s what people do, don’t they?

A message from Anonym
Hey you fucking bitch! How can you say that John and Sherlock are only friends?? Are you dumb or BLIND??????? And don't say you're not homophobic - you ARE homophobic when you don't like gay couples!! Hope you will burn in hell, you bitch! You're not a part of this fandom. Real fans believe in Sherlock and John. And please stop spamming the world with your "they are only friends"-blah. Please go dying.

Hate message number 2 …. never believed that someone will really hate me for posting my own opinion o.O

And I AM a part of the fandom, what the hell are you saying? >___<

Sherlock and foolish?

  • Stranger: Don’t do anything foolish then. That might be a better word. -JW
  • You: Have I ever done something foolish? -SH
  • Stranger: You jumped off a building. -JW
  • You: Touché. -SH

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Question to discuss:

Did you like Hotwheels as a kid? fuck you if you didn’t

You: Boring. -SH

You: I like my skull. -SH

Stranger: Sherlock?! -JW

You: Ouh. Hello, John. -SH

You: Are you okay? -SH

Stranger: Sherlock what are you…what are you doing on omegle? -JW

Stranger: And how are you alive? -JW

Stranger: No. No, you’re not alive. I saw you jump off that building. Who is this? Is this some kind of sick game? -JW

You: I said it: I’m bored. -SH

You: Of course I’m alive. Sorry John … -SH



tumblr, why do you keep doing this to me?!

reichenbach trauma, here you are again…

"Never expected to tell you that but … Miss you too. -SH"
Awwww. I’ m not a fan of Johnlock (because I think they’re not a couple, only close friends, nearly like brothers), but this quote … it’s so sweet! <3

(Sherlock Holmes, from a RP) 
"I owe him more than you can imagine."
John (from a roleplay)

Oooouch. Moriarty is killing me.