They almost could use a "Torchwood"-dialouge in "Sherlock" S3...

  • 3 years after the fall...
  • Sherlock: (steps out of the shadows) Looks, it's alright. Don't panic. It's me. I'm the same man.
  • John: I saw you. I saw you fall.
  • Sherlock: I got better.
  • John: I saw it. I saw the blood. I saw your body.
  • Sherlock: Want to see it again?
  • John: Shut up, Sherlock! You were dead!
  • Sherlock: Clearly I wasn't. I was playing dead. Then I cleared out.
  • John: No, I saw you dead.
  • Sherlock: But I'm alive.
  • John: (grabbing for Sherlock's hand, checking his pulse) You're alive.
  • Sherlock: (sighing) Yeah, I'm alive. I came back John, I came back for you.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: I-- I even got us that same old flat.
  • John: (with tears in his eyes) You came back for me?
  • Sherlock: Yes. Yes I did. ... You don't know whether to hit me or to kiss me, do you?



Just a couple of prints of my fan arts! Mainly Sherlock, you’ll see Thor there and some LOTR.  All the prints are 6x4 inch prints, and the big one of Sherlock is a lovely 8x12.  All printed on Matte paper (kind of a semi-gloss poster paper). 


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Du bist eingeladen zur Hochzeit des Jahres!

Gefeiert wird in Elmshorn (25 Zugminuten vom Hamburger Hbf).

Übernehmt eine der freien Rollen und spielt mit. Euch erwartet eine Traumhochzeit im geschmückten Garten. Es gibt eine Zeremonie mit anschließendem Hochzeitsessen (wir grillen) und viele Spiele.

Ja, ganz recht gehört: wir veranstalten eine Hochzeit für fiktionale Charaktere.

Sherlock und John geben sich endlich das Jawort! (…wurde auch Zeit.)

Termin steht noch nicht völlig fest, weil wir erst einmal rumhorchen wollen, wie ihr Zeit habt. Es wird wohl Anfang bis Mitte Juni, außer genügend Leute sind auch während der Ferien da.
Bei Interesse gebt uns bitte schnell Feedback, an welchem Wochenende ihr Zeit habt und ob euch die Zeit bis dahin für eure Cosplays reicht.

Auch eingeladen sind Charaktere aus anderen Shows! Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, …it’s Supertormerwholock time!

Alle weiteren Infos auf

reblogging again cause this is awesome and we need more people!! (Don’t be shy if you’ve never cosplayed before, just give it a try …)

^ this!! i’m in on this too and i’ve never cosplayed before! it’s gonna be fun!

Sadly it’s in Hamburg and during my final projects phase so I think I can’t take part (ich würd so gerne Fotos machen… ;____;). Also sag ich allen anderen: Alle in und um Hamburg und wer sonst noch Zeit hat zum hinfahren - hin mit euch!! ;)

Can I tell you something?

I don’t like Johnlock, Shwatsonlock, Sherwatsonlock or how you all call it. Also no Mystrade (WTH! Whose idea was it?!), Moriarlock and so on. …
Will you kill me now? Burn me? Make me into shoes?

Well, I believe that Sherlock and John are friends. Close friends, nearly like brothers - but only friends. They need each other, of course. John needs Sherlock to feel alive, Sherlock needs John to feel human … But nothing more. They don’t kiss, touch or have sex with each other. And NO, I’m not homophobic (some of my friends are gay, bi or lesbian, but who cares …).

Often in RPGs, Fanfics or Fanarts John and Sherlock say “I love you.” to each other - that’s okay. I mean, I also say “Love you.” to my brother, my sister, my parents, friends. Love is a incredibly broad feeling, no only for lovers.

But when I see these sex pictures … well, nothing against your fantasy, but I think it’s odd. Because for me, it takes the characters their honor. It’s like raping (okay, maybe this word is too hard … but I don’t have another one in my mind for it).

If they’re “only” bookcharacters (“only”, because I wouldn’t like slashfics about my own characters), it’s easier for me to accept slash pictures and stories. But when they are “real characters” (“real” isn’t the right word … you know, characters played by actors) … I think, everytime you write about them or paint them, you’ll have the actors in your mind. THAT’S LIKE BRINGING BENEDICT AND MARTIN TOGETHER! And this is … I don’t think it should be. Because the actors have their own life, they only lend their faces, voices and behaviour to these characters. Nothing more.

Uuuh, okay. Does someone understand what I mean? Hard to explain (especially in English).

And I hope, you don’t kick me now from your follow-list. It’s just my opinion to this topic …